EUC Services is involved in large and small scale land reclamation projects throughout Nigeria. Our state-of-the-art dredgers enable us to play a vital role in fulfilling the needs of our customers’ land requirements and development. As leaders in the field of dredging and reclamation solutions, we strive to understand the unique characteristics of every operation’s application. We keep an open communication with our clients to understand every aspect of their application in order to develop the right solution to ensure they receive an excellent service delivery tailored to suit their requirements.

EUC Services has successfully completed many dredging and reclamation projects. Our focus on preserving wildlife and enhancing the environment makes us the number one choice for specialized dredging and reclamation projects that require the utmost care and precision. Some of these include:

  • Wetlands construction and reclamation
  • Lake & Pond Environmental Restoration
  • Contaminated sediment remediation
  • Submerged and upland slope protection
  • Underwater foundations and footings
  • Maintenance dredging and navigation improvements

We provide a flexible and responsive service using the best available technical skills. Our highly skilled personnel are knowledgeable and use the highest quality standards to meet the challenges that will supply you with a quality job consistently.

Are you ready for us to start your dredging and reclamation project? Our details are listed in the contact page; we will love to hear from you.