EUC Services places the highest priority on health and safety; it’s our policy to promote a work place which protects the health of employees, contractors and the surrounding community. We are committed to implement a full HSE policy to ensure that our operations are done in a safe manner to reduce work related health risks.To achieve this commitment, EUC services declares to minimize hazards, protect the environment and control risks and impacts associated with the related activities, in order to prevent work-related incidents and illnesses.The emphasis will be through prevention, education, voluntary participation and personal responsibility.

EUC Services complies with all statutory regulations related to occupational safety, health and environment; ensuring that we maintain safety in the work place, protection of personnel’s health, the environment and surroundings where the activities take place. We have introduced a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system to ensure full compliance with HSE policies.

Employees and consultants receive corporate HSE inductions and are advised to adhere to the HSE policies of a client, when visiting or working within the client's premises.