EUC Services is recognised as one of the leading pipe laying contractors and a provider of integrated pipeline services in the country. We deliver pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, petroleum products, water, and industrial gases for both commercial and private customers. Our clients include mining companies, water utility boards, fuel and gas suppliers.

We offer our clients tailored solutions for pipeline route selection, installation methods, and construction support; showing a deep understanding of characteristics of pipe fabrication and the pipeline design method as well as understanding of pipeline calculations and engineering principles. We consistently provide quality, timely and highly effective pipeline services within the oil and gas industry, whilst ensuring our clients attain cost effectiveness and improved service quality.

Our pipe lining is:

  • Chemically resistan
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Tough and durable
  • A relatively low-cost solution

At EUC Services pipeline installation is performed by highly skilled personnel with the support of innovative technology and equipment. Our field-crews are trained to the highest standards of quality control in our industry. Whether it is a single project, multi-project program or a multi-year portfolio, EUC Services can meet your project needs as the pipeline contractor of choice.