We offer a wide range of quality welding and fabrication services in Nigeria and have the ability to work with many types of metal including: sheet metal, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. EUC Services is a place where quality is a priority; therefore we specialize in welding and fabricating high quality steel structures for industrial and commercial construction projects. Some of these include:

• Billboards
• Signboards
• Railings
• Sign construction/installation
• Badges deployment

We cater to a broad spectrum of industries which include the oil and gas, construction and other heavy industries, building a reputation as a high quality and professional service provider. We pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing quality, cost effective fabrication solutions without cutting corners or deviating from set industry standards. We work with a wide variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, expanded metal, tubing, bar, cast iron, tool steel and more.

Our experience allows us to fabricate effectively with the underlying commitment to competitive pricing, outstanding service and complete customer satisfaction. Whatever the requirement, EUC Services has a skilled team of talented craftsmen, network of suppliers and top-notch equipment to get your welding and fabrication job done right and within budget.

Are you ready for us to start your welding and fabrication project? Our details are listed in the contact page; we will love to hear from you.